Multidisciplinary teams of artists and programmers. Members have specialized training for the development of Virtual Reality solutions and other disruptive technologies.

Techer Team founding partners and their management team have more than 20 years of experience in new technologies and large multimedia projects: 3D modelling, 2D/ 3D animation, video games programming, digital arts, interactive applications, video production, scripting…

Techer Team has technological support from international leading schools of Arts and Technology. They are pioneers in programmers and graphic artists education.

Direct relationship with hardware industry, which ensures us a technological advantage over competitors.

Techer Team Activity

VR and Marketing

Event: Marketing and Metaverse

Innopildora Elche presentation

Innopíldoras: Technology and Health

Founding members Metaverse Standar

Founding members of the Metaverse Standard Forum

Metaverse masterclass panel

Masterclass about the metaverse

speaker Laval Virtual

Speakers Laval Virtual 2022

Mobile 22 Barcelona

A great return to MWC 2022

Valencia Digital summit logo

We participate in Valencia Digital Summit