vr day 2021

We participated in VR Day 2021

We gave a talk on Virtual Reality and Health

The 20th of November 2021 is the International Virtual Reality Day. A global event to commemorate the importance of XR technologies in today’s society.

Techer Team is an active member of the VR community, at local, national and European level, and we have participated in the talk entitled “VR and Health”, within the activities organised by AVRE (the Valencian Association of Extended Realities). A very interesting occasion to share the technical advances applied in the field of medicine, where Visuamed has been presented with success and interest in the communities, both medical and technological.

We would like to thank the event organisers for having Techer Team for this international celebration.

More and more: Virtual is Real. Happy Virtual Reality Day, which can be 365 days a year.