VR Day Valencia 2022

VR Day 2022

A day for dissemination of Virtual Reality around the world

It has been a pleasure to actively participate in the organisation of VR Day 2022, a global event for the dissemination of Virtual Reality in society.

Many events are organised at international level and, from Techer Team, we organised, in collaboration with AVRE, two physical events. Firstly, a round table entitled “Metaverse, diversity and avatars”, where we shared the different sociological, psychological and artistic perspectives on the creation, representation and identification of avatars, which are key in the construction of the metaverse.

In the afternoon, we organised a film forum on “The Lawnmower Man” (1992), where after watching the film, we held a technological debate on what was science fiction and today is reality (or not yet), highlighting the necessary ethical aspects of technological projects.

An intense day, for XR technologies that are here to stay.

More and more: Virtual is Real. Future is Now.