VR congress

Really effective virtual conferences

Quality networking with avatars

After many webinars and video calls there is what has been called the “Zoom fatigue”, meaning the excess of video conferences. To avoid it, there is an emerging format of events and meetings in virtual reality that is really different, as well as effective, attractive and affordable.

Of course, you can watch a video, presentations, and listen to a speaker… but in virtual reality events, you can also interact with the speaker, and with other attendees. Also, you can see the profiles of the attendees and contact them publicly or privately.

These formats allow specially designed spaces for each event, with leisure and business areas. And of course, to make demonstrations with products or prototypes, with which you can interact, see, analyse and share… in short: co-creation.

These are new meeting formats based on virtual reality that allow interaction and parallelism with real life, getting greater effectiveness, proximity and efficiency.

Virtual events have arrived to stay… do you have your avatar ready?

It looks like the future, but it is the present. Virtual is Real. Future is Now.