Metaverse masterclass panel

Masterclass about the metaverse

Hybrid training session at the Power MBA


Techer Team has participated in a masterclass organized by the prestigious school the Power MBA about the Metaverse, to share myths, realities and next steps… that’s why it was titled: Hype and Hope.

It was a session to talk about definitions, features and above all real technological projects, based on Extended Realities, which deliver added value to customers, and to society.

Our approach was, is, and continues to be: Metaverse: Work in progress… we keep developing XR solutions to solve the needs of real companies; and together we are building the path towards the metaverse, moving forward.

Thanks to our session partners: Marc, Javier, Jaime and Pablo: guys you are great.

And as we say, more and more… Virtual is Real. Future is Now.