Mobile 22 Barcelona

A great return to MWC 2022

Techer Team invited to attend the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Yesterday the MWC 2022 ended, and Techer Team was once again present at this important global technology event.

The first thing to note is that we have seen much more movement than in last year’s edition, which was symbolic and the first since the pandemic.

In this year’s edition, of course, the word METAVERSE and its derivations (Viverse, Brandverse, Shoppyverse… whatever+verse) has been very present with different perspectives, formats, and interactions. We are certainly in a period of technological construction and evolution. Honestly, we would have liked some more innovation in VR devices, but … this is what it is, and brands are waiting for future launches at the end of this year, or beginning of next year: maybe for MWC23?

As usual, we also saw a lot of AI, 5G, many high-end phones and … the anecdote of the cyberdog, already available on several stands.

A pleasant stroll around 4YFN gives you a chance to say hello to friends and entities and, at the same time, check out the strength of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Valencian Community and throughout Spain, with startup projects that are fantastic, and to whom we wish the best.

As always, Mobile Barcelona is an enriching experience, and more than ever: Virtual is Real. Future is Now.