Halo awards

Proud to be Halo Awards 2020 Jury

High quality of the works submitted


Within the framework of VRDAys, we have been appointed as Jury of the prestigious Halo Awards, 2020 edition. And once the deadline for nominations has closed, 4 words have come to our mind: HONOUR, EFFORT, DIFFICULTY, COMMUNITY.

HONOUR: It is a great pleasure for us to be part of this jury. It is an opportunity to evaluate and share the work of the XR community.

EFFORT: After the first steps of analysis, we have seen great quality in most of the works submitted. There is an effort of the participants to offer quality and great immersive virtual experiences.

DIFFICULTY: As a consequence of the previous point; we can already tell you that it is not easy to be part of this jury, and to have to evaluate the candidates. They are great!

COMMUNITY: What a good opportunity a contest, like HALO Awards, to disseminate and assess the work of the growing community of Digital Realities: VR studios, independent professionals, artists and students.

We are lucky to be part of the Halo Awards. As we say in Techer Team: virtual is real. Future is now.